Dear Master!

Our board of examiners (two Experts Masters with 7th-8th-10th degrees in many styles and three Independent Experts Black Belt Masters) examined your rank today. According our bylaws, examination is carried out anonymously. Examiners did not know your name and a rank.

All the Martial Arts are united. According our bylaws, our board of examiners does not examine conformity of forms or techniques to concrete style. The technique of different Martial Arts, styles, schools, and even of many Masters differs. Even the technique of one and the same person is changed in the course of time.

We examine a level of Martial Arts skill of the Martial Arts Master. It is speed, balance, spirit, force, mentality, dexterity, a reality of techniques, confidence, thinking, techniques by hands, techniques by legs, positions of a body, movings, balance, a direction of a sight, concentration, blows by hands, blocks, kicks, captures, throws, endurance, concentration.

It is a results of examination of your rank:

basic spirit - excellence
basic force- excellence
mentality- excellence
basic balance - excellence
dexterity- excellence
basic reality of techniques- excellence
a reality of hands techniques- excellence
a reality of legs techniques- excellence
confidence- excellence
thinking- excellence
basic techniques by hands- excellence
basic techniques by legs - excellence
basic positions of a body- excellence
basic movings- excellence
basic balance with kicks -good
basic balance with blows -excellence
a direction of a sight- excellence
basic concentration- excellence
 basic speed - excellence
hands speed - excellence
legs speed - good
basic blows by hands- excellence
basic blocks- excellence
basic kicks-good
basic captures- excellence
basic throws- excellence
endurance- excellence
concentration- excellence
martial spirit- excellence

Final result of examination of your rank: 5th Dan Black Belt
We congratulate you with your new rank 5th Dan Black Belt! You are a excellent Martial Arts Master 5th Dan Black Belt!

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You passed the exam with very high marks. Congratulations.

Your forms were the best that I have seen in quite some time.I was very impressed. I enjoyed seeing the commitment and energy. Your basics are strong and correct and your obvious dedication is commendable. very good work!

When discussing the Black Belt exam, Instructor says; 

" For those who are considering taking the test for Black Belt need to know that, in addition to the completion of all techniques, it is expected that the forms will be presented in and artistic manner. Also, it is crucial to note that such a task becomes possible only if it is accompanied by a strong spiritual and mental growth. These two dimensions, one consisting of the ability to master budo, and the other consisting of mental and spiritual maturation, are highly important factors."

His philosophy and excellent martial arts ability have recently earned him a promotion . Our Review Board had the honor to conduct the promotion of this superior martial artist. We are confident that his physical discipline and personal character will soon earn him a position among the finest Masters in the world.